Comical Really

7 Jan

So remember in my last post when I was talking about that prophetic graffiti at the metro platform that was my impetus for daily self reflection, asking myself ” Who are you today?” ? Remember that ?

Got to the metro today and it HAD BEEN PAINTED OVER!!!!!! I had to laugh. I mean, there is graffiti in DC that I did , helped with, have seen since high school and NOTHING has been done about it. But my little touchstone, my one little piece of urban loveliness, THAT they had to paint over in the wee hours of the night. Bastards. I blame gentrification. I mean, I grew up ( among a million other places in DC ) around that very neighborhood and let me tell ya buddy. I dont recall quite as many small purebreed dogs and jogging strollers back in my day. In fact, the graffiti was actually written on a BIKE TRAIL !!!!! Bygones.

So I guess I have to just remember to ask myself this question each day. So who exactly am I today….

Today i am a nervous wreck. The job that I have been told is essentially mine once the board approves and he paperwork is drafted and a unicorn shits a four leaf clover and whatever….that job called me on Tuesday to let me know that I should get an official offer sometime this afternoon.  Now I know that it appears the job is mine and I can escape the plantation of DC government in 2 weeks, everything points to that. But it is at the core of my nature to wait for the other shoe t drop, to just know that at the last minute something is going to go horribly awry. I also am just a person that, as my Gram says ” has bad nerves”. So of course, even though the clock hasnt struck high noon, I am staring at my phone like Im waiting for someone to ask me to prom and wondering if maybe an extra klonipin may have been in order for today. Will keep you posted.

And now…this just in…article in the Washington Post about how Nepal is becoming a destination for gay weddings !! (more about that here , if I did that right) Have I mentioned here that the two things I want to get accomplished in the next 18 months is plan a wedding and figure out how to get to Nepal to do volunteer work for a few years ?? Had I mentioned that ?

So okay Universe…I will take these two little signs to mean that 1.) I have to figure my own shit out, unprompted by urban art forms and 2.) Maybe Im on the right path for what I want in the near future.

(If you could send me a sign saying DO NOT HAVE A STEAK AND CHEESE AND A CUPCAKE FOR LUNCH, that would be helpful too)

So have any of you gotten any signs lately ?


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